About Us

Grupa Gdyby is a design bureau founded in 2013 in Gdańsk. We are a studio of architecture, public spaces and design, which we created to shape usable spaces by interfering with form. Using our skills and passions, we refresh and improve our surroundings. In our daily work, we combine our experience in a wide range of design fields, such as industrial design, architecture, shaping public spaces, exhibitions and graphics.

Our knowledge and skills allow us to create unusual construction solutions, unique for each project. We are directly involved in prototyping and production, thanks to which our works are personal and created with full commitment. We approach each cooperation individually, and our brainstorming results in unique scenarios and ideas. We try to combine design with craftsmanship by doing as much of the projects as possible by hand. The means to achieve it is the knowledge in the field of engineering, material processing and production.

The name of our group provokes us to ask the question “what if …?” on a daily basis, and we try to convey the answer to it in our projects in an unconventional way. We want each form we work on to be fresh and revealing with minimal resources. We believe that the interpenetration of the architectural industry, culture and art has a positive effect on our surroundings and creates an inspiring space for living.

Our Clients

We design for public and private institutions: museums, art centres, public administration units, theatres, event agencies and private companies.